Participation in the American Counseling Association (ACA) Conferences for the years 2018 in Atlanta and 2019 in New Orleans.  I was able to volunteer at the Liberty University Booth providing information to prospective students and assisting faculty and staff.   (See photos below)


Artifact 1 – Chi Sigma Iota Membership Certificate and Leadership demonstrated by being the Mentorship Committee Chair during the academic year of 2018-2019.  

Artifact 2 – Awarded with Outstanding Doctoral Student Awarded during the induction ceremony of April 18, 2019.  


Artifact 3 – Played a key role during the news coverage of hurricane Harvey with NBC Universal Telemundo responding to crises/disaster and informing the community about the emotional and psychological impact of crisis/disasters in children and how to respond to such cases.  During this coverage I was able to advocate for the profession in Statewide news cast by providing psychoeducational information of how to seek counseling for the families in crises.  (Main Photo on the top-right of this page; other photos from coverage below).


Artifact 4 – Consultation Paper 

Artifact 5 – The following artifact contains a list of all the interventions, leadership roles, and interventions during live coverage for the Newscast on NBC Universal – Telemundo Dallas to promote multicultural and social justice as well as provide psychoeducational information to the community on issues of mental health and counseling.  Following are some of the links to the participation on Television listed in artifact 5. 

Artifact 6 – Philosophy of Leadership 

Artifact 7 – Social Justice Plan 

Artifact 8 - CSI Presentation Advocacy Project


Special Assignment Live Coverage with NBC Universal - Telemundo Dallas during Hurricane Harvey to provide the community with Psychoeducational information about the impact of natural disaster on children. 

At the beginning of my doctoral journey I didn’t see myself in the light of Leadership and Advocacy since serving the community, advocating for my clients, and engaging in leadership is something that I do naturally.  This doctoral journey has helped me see each competency in its perspective and call it by name, leadership, advocacy, service, etc. I didn’t think I was doing much, but now that I begin to identify each of the projects I am involved with I realize how much I do.  The most meaningful experience professionally has been my participation and role in responding to crises and disaster such as during Hurricane Harvey in Texas.  In this role I was providing information to the community about the emotional impact of crises on children and the family as well as advocating for the profession.  This intervention was conducted through live-broadcast on NBC Universal Telemundo Dallas and Houston.  It was a statewide coverage for three days.  This experience allowed me to serve, advocate and be a leader to the profession and the community. 

I have developed more confidence in my leadership and advocacy skills. Before being in the doctoral program I served with some insecurities, but now I serve with confidence.  One way I plan to utilize this strength in my vocation is to continue my work with the community on Radio, TV, Schools, and the community at large.  God has allowed me to have a platform in my city of Fort Worth which provides the setting for me to continue serving to the best of my ability.  One area of continued growth is to be careful not to over commit my time of service.  I tend to say yes to many projects in the community to the point that I get overwhelmed with excessive work.  I play on working on my self-care and boundaries more diligently.  

My faith in Christ relates to this competency is best described by Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”  I am committed to serving God through the profession of counseling.  That means I am committed to being a leader, advocate, and servant to my community and church.  It is my joy to serve Christ by serving others.  


Leadership and Advocacy Reflection

Leadership and Advocacy (including service): CACREP Doctoral Competencies (2016)

a. Theories and skills of leadership 
b. Leadership and leadership development in professional organizations 
c. Leadership in counselor education programs 
d. Knowledge of accreditation standards and processes 
e. Leadership, management, and administration in counseling organizations and institutions 
f. Leadership roles and strategies for responding to crises and disasters 
g. Strategies of leadership in consultation 
h. Current topical and political issues in counseling and how those issues affect the daily work of counselors and the counseling profession 
i. Role of counselors and counselor educators advocating on behalf of the profession and professional identity 
j. Models and competencies for advocating for clients at the individual, system, and policy levels 
k. Strategies of leadership in relation to current multicultural and social justice issues 

l. Ethical and culturally relevant leadership and advocacy practices 

Leadership and Advocacy

Zoricelis Davila, Ph.D. LPC-S, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor

​Consejeria Bilingue y Psicoterapia